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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

FAQ’s – If you are yet to register with Popcorn Pass

What cinema discounts are available on Popcorn Pass?
Popcorn Pass offers up to 40% discounts on cinema tickets nationwide. Discounts are available 7 days a week on any 2D film.
The Popcorn Pass membership is offered as gift from O2. The gift entitles eligible customers to receive cinema discounts for their allocated period, once they have redeemed on

How do I claim a Popcorn Pass membership as a gift from O2?
To claim a 24 month Popcorn Pass membership with O2, you must be presented with the offer by a member of O2 Retention Team when renewing or upgrading your existing O2 Pay Monthly contract.

Is there a time limit on claiming my Popcorn Pass membership?
After you have received your membership code with your eligible purchase, you have until 3 April 2019 to enter this code on or on the Popcorn Pass App.

Can I have more than one Popcorn Pass membership?
Eligible customers can only hold one Popcorn Pass membership at a given time.

I lost my card with my membership code, what do I do?
If your membership code is lost, damaged or stolen, you can contact Popcorn Pass Customer Services on 0161 696 5269. Please keep hold of your purchase receipt as proof of your O2 purchase.

I have been given an incorrect redemption code leaflet, what do I do?
If you believe you have been provided with an incorrect membership code with your purchase, you can contact O2 Customer Services on 202. Please keep hold of your retention confirmation letter as proof of your O2 purchase.

My redemption code isn’t working, who can help?
If your membership code isn’t working, you can contact Popcorn Pass customer service on 0161 696 5269 or via Social Media at Facebook ( Please keep hold of your purchase receipt as proof of your O2 purchase.

FAQ’s – If you are already registered

How do I get discounts using my Popcorn Pass membership?
Popcorn Pass offers discounts on all 2D films, 7 days a week, at cinemas nationwide. After you have chosen the cinema you wish to visit on the Popcorn Pass app, simply choose the number of tickets you wish to buy.
Once you have completed the checkout, an email will be sent to your inbox enclosing your ticket voucher. The ticket voucher will also be available within the Popcorn Pass App. You can use the code on this voucher for entry at the cinema cashier, or you can reserve your seats online by entering the code on the relevant cinema chain’s website.

Where can I find my tickets?
Once you have completed your purchase at the checkout, your tickets are immediately sent to the email registered to Popcorn Pass. The email may be in your junk or spam folder. The voucher will also be available within the Popcorn Pass App.
If you have not received your ticket voucher(s), you can contact Popcorn Pass customer service on 0161 969 5269 or via social media on Facebook (

How do I use the tickets/codes given in my email or app?
Simply present the tickets shown in your email inbox/on the app at the cashier of a participating cinema chain. Alternatively, you can enter the code online to reserve your seats. The codes can be used at any available screening at your chosen cinema subject to seating availability.

When can I use my Popcorn Pass voucher code at the cinema?
As a member of Popcorn Pass, you can use your tickets 7 days a week, during your designated cinema chain’s normal operating hours.

How many discounted tickets can I buy using Popcorn Pass?
There is no limit on the number of discounted cinema tickets you can purchase during your membership.
As a member of Popcorn Pass, you can buy up to 10 cinema tickets in a single transaction at the checkout.

When do the tickets that I’ve purchased expire?
Tickets purchased on Popcorn Pass must be used within six months of your purchase. Please contact Popcorn Pass customer services on 0161 969 5269 for further information.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?
If you don't have access to a smartphone it is not a problem. You can also access & claim discounted cinema tickets via the Popcorn Pass website at
Simply log in to the Members Area using your email and password and follow the instructions to receive your tickets, you can then print the page to take with you to the cinema.

Why can’t I find my local cinema on Popcorn Pass?
Discounted tickets are only available at participating chains and cinemas.

Can I book onto my chosen screening online?
Booking online is simple, once you have received your codes you simply need to visit the website of the relevant chain (e.g. and enter the Popcorn Pass code at the checkout.

Can I extend or renew my Popcorn Pass membership?
Members signed up through O2 can find out if they can extend their Popcorn Pass membership by calling Popcorn Pass Customer Services on 0161 696 5269 for further information.

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